English PeaceNews Fourth Edition

Salam Peace Shalom

About 50 years ago, in the United States (and possibly in other regions) there was a strange assumption stating that the white people are more noble and honorable than the colors. Not only were they socially discriminated, they were also legally marginalized. As a result, the segregation policy was created. For example, there was a special restaurant for only white visitors and a restaurant for the colors. Even if there is a mix restaurant for either white or color people, its table, toilet or sink are separated. It’s terrible, isn’t it? This segregation was also enforced in other public places/institutions, such as education, recreation areas, places of worship, until a public bus. Finally, all Americans citizens have the same right after Martin Luther King Jr. initiated civil rights movements, and these movements reach its peak when Luther King Jr. delivered a phenomenal speech “I Have a Dream.”

The dream of Luther King Jr.’s to uphold equality among all human beings is also our dream. Because our races and ethnics are given by God. Before being born into the world, we have no opportunity to choose our race or ethnic. We also do not have the right to propose or even protest against our ethnic identity. Our ethnic is our destiny. In the presence of the Lord, ethnic does not affect the value and quality of human being. Good or bad quality of human being is not based on ethnicity, but on deeds.

Therefore, we are actually looking at others of different ethnic fairly and equitably since there is no respectable or humiliation ethnic. God has no discriminated against an ethnic or gave more privileges than other ethnics. If we ever hear stereotypes about one ethnic, it must be socially constructed. I think, only do human who creates ethnic or racial status, not God.


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