English PeaceNews Seventh Edition – March 2017

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Money Can’t Buy Happiness


If I had a chance to interview some rich people, I would ask this question: “Are you happy?”

Their answers may vary. Some of them will state that they live happily, but it is possible if the others will have fair answer stating that they are actually not happy enough even though they have so much money, luxurious cars, and very big houses. That’s because happiness can not be measured by property. In other words, we can say “money can’t buy happiness.” Conversely, maybe not all poor people will suffer. Although they have to work hard and gain a little money, some of them will feel happy, and will no complain about it. Interestingly, many poor people will be grateful for sustenance they obtained.

Therefore, what makes our life either happy or suffer is not money and material possessions, but rather an open mind and gratitude to God. Happiness is not determined by wealth or poverty. We will be happy if we accept all of what God has given, without complaining and comparing us with other people.

More importantly, wealth or poverty does not determine the value of a human, especially in God’s sight. The value of human is absolutely determined by his or her actions. Being rich or poor is a combination of hard work, opportunity, and –of course—the  wisdom of God. We must treat everyone with the same respect and we have to be careful on the temptations, such as overbearing and greedy, we face.

So, if you were born in a wealthy family, or if you be a rich man in the future, please do not insult the poor. Likewise, if you are not rich enough, please avoid to envy the rich. Arrogant, abusive, greedy, hate and envy are the characters that will reduce and eliminate our happiness


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