Peacenews Edisi Bahasa Inggris September 2016

Salam Peace Shalom!

We praise and thank God for His grace and goodness in our life. We thank God for the 1st Young Interfaith Peacemaker International Camp that have been run by YIPC on 21-23 July 2016 in Kaliurang Yogyakarta Indonesia. All participants (from New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia)were enjoying the togetherness in learning and interacting with each other as well as celebrating our diversity. This English Version of PeaceNews is one of the product of this Camp, and we hope this Newsletter will become a blessing to many people in the world.

By this this PeaceNews, we hope we could always be presentto remind us about the peace values and also a kind of continuation of our interfaith dialogue that will be a long-term process. This media is a means that we can share our experience as well as update and info about YIPC as well.


We realize that interfaith peacemaking is growing amazingly in the past decade. Nevertheless the violence and conflict in the name of religions are also growing both in frequency and places. Therefore we need more effort among the younger generation, because mostly it is taken by older religious and political leaders. Why young generation? Because we need to do prevention as early as possible, before people being influenced by the violent and extremism. To prevent is always much more important than to cure. That is what we are all doing in YIPC. From one Peace Camp to another, we hope that many young people will be saturated by peace values and then being fruitful in their lives as peacemakers.

We are really concerned that some religious groups spreading hatred and enmity towards other groups. We have to counter this by spreading more religious values that respect diversity, love and peace. And we believe that dialogue is the way we can understand and respect each other. As said by Miroslav Volf, we should embrace instead of exclude. Further Volf says that we need to be more religious to counter the religious extremism because those are influenced by extremism they only know part of the religious values. True believers find that peace and love are the center of their Holy Books (the Bible and the Qur’an) especially what we know in the Golden Rule “do what you want other do unto you” and the Common Word “Loving God and Loving others”.

By mobilizing more young generation to be peacemakers, we have hope for this world to live in peace and love. Let’s join this movement and spread it to everywhere start from where you are now. YIPC is now preparing the World Interfaith Harmony Week on 1-7 February 2017 especially in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. We hope to have the 2nd Young Interfaith Peacemaker International Camp during that time. We do hope that we can make a significant role start from what we can, and let God bless it and make it a big impact. May God bless and guide us in whatever we do for His glory! Amen.

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